Anatomy Inside in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam Department of Medical Biology, Section Clinical Anatomy & Embryology ; are a group of anatomists who are passionate about the importance of dissection in anatomical teaching. We provide full and partial human body dissection and demonstration courses on all areas of human anatomy.

During our dissection courses formalin fixed cadavers are used, all participants will have the opportunity under the expert guidance of an experienced anatomist to dissect any region of interest. We therefore provide a chance to investigate three-dimensional tissue continuity throughout the body, explore the functional and clinical anatomical relations between each region and discover the beauty of the human body. During the day participants are asked to share their dissection with other course participants, this creates a peer teaching opportunity where everyone can learn from each other.

For demonstration courses (non-dissection courses) formalin fixed prosections will be used to demonstrate the anatomical topic or region of interest. In these sessions your anatomy demonstrator will describe the gross anatomy, helping you to understand significant anatomical relationships and highlighting important functional and clinical correlations. This method provides an engaging and interactive way to learn anatomy for groups of medics and paramedics (allied health professionals).

Our previous experience is that the delivery of these courses provides participants with knowledge that is clinically and therapeutically relevant in their work as health care professionals or scientists.

These courses are open to all individuals with a keen interest in and a basic understanding of human anatomy. A medical or paramedical background is recommended but not necessary. If you have any doubts about your eligibility please do not hesitate to contact us at


Our premiere of ‘Anatomy Inside’s’ intensive full body dissection course.

Our premiere of ‘Anatomy Inside’s’ intensive full body dissection course. Anatomy Inside brings functional anatomy to the next level. 3 days of dissection by YOUR OWN HANDS. Exploring the human body with your own scalpel and hands from a fascia point of view. The passion and enthusiasm of anatomy inside’s founder Karl Jacobs brings fascia and functional anatomy back to life.
Exploring a human body on the most ethical way is about cutting, watching, decision making and learning from each other. Set your own learning goals and Karl and dr. Shazan Chughtai provides you the knowledge and tools to reach them.
Karl’s visionary view on fascia as the missing link in functional anatomy and the clinical implication on movement, rehab, therapy and health changes your daily practice as any health care professional. This new concept of practical learning is unique in the world and an impressive personal life event. Thanks for your passion of teaching and the shared ‘childlike curious way of’ learning, Roy.

Roy Durenkamp
Paramedisch centrum Hoogvliet


Fascinating dissection course with Karl Jacobs, everybody should do this once in his life. Thanks for the amazing days and the knowledge. My work will never be the same, my whole perception and thoughts of
human anatomy changed after this course. Karl takes you into the world of fascia, Fascinating!!!

Jos Dingemans
Paramedisch centrum Hoogvliet